Did you use an inhaler last month?

Loggit can help you investigate and improve your health behaviors.

Many people need to use an inhaler (or some other kind of medical device) a few times per year, at least on SOS. But when was the last time you did?

You should know when it was the last time you used such a device, and how frequently you do it. It's not wise to rely on your own memory, and even if you keep a notepad for that purpose, it's easy to forget and potentially difficult to perform the calculations when you need to.

If you use an app (especially a free one), it's very likely that it's using the data you provide it to sell you more stuff, or simply sell it to other companies, so those can sell you more stuff. Choose something that is end-to-end encrypted, to monitor your health behaviors.

Loggit doesn't track your data and doesn't even have access to it because it's end-to-end encrypted. Your habits are safe.

It's also much simpler, and that puts you in control of what you can do with your data.

Are you not sure how tracking medicine intake is helpful with Loggit?

Here's an example: The next time you're at the doctor, she asks you when was the last time you used your inhaler. You can't remember. You know it happened last month because of some event, but maybe it was two months ago? And when was the last time before that?

It's not something you plan for, so it's hard to find a good connection to remember the date.

If you'd logged your inhaler use with Loggit, you'd know exactly when you last took it, and how frequently you'd been using it for the last year, which is very valuable information to share with your doctor, and to keep yourself!

Additionally, you might also realize that you've been using your inhaler a lot more frequently when you're visiting your parents, which means there might be some trigger there, and you can put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and investigate away, to learn how to stop having to use your inhaler so much!